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ViviDante Photography, specializing in Dubai Fashion Photography, boasts features in Vogue and international publications. Our dedication to perfection, precision, and passion ensures truly professional photos and videos.

At this juncture, ViviDante steps in to support individuals to mark their uniqueness. With a rare confluence of two concepts – “Vivid” (intensely bright, powerful depicted and clear images) and “Dante” pronounced as dahn-tay (in Latin meaning ‘enduring’ or the most amazing gentlemen you will ever meet), ViviDante makes a great partner in your journey to success.

Quality of the clicks is just one of our winning factors. Like what they say, seeing is believing, come take a walk through our gallery showcasing our work. Get ready to get enticed while checking out our vivid, colorful, rich and sharp ‘caged moments’!

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Creating Moments that Move Brands:
Meet Melt, our Dante!

Melt a.k.a. Mohamed El Tayeib is an experienced and professional photographer & filmmaker who has moved from Dubai to Sydney, followed by Brisbane and then finally back in Dubai. With over 9 years of experience, Melt’s specialty lays in concept, high-end fashion and portraitproductF&B and real estate photography and filmmaking.

It is fun to work with Melt who is a professional, passionate and well presentable photographer & filmmaker, who comes with a rich advertising, design and social media management background.  With his passion for photography, he puts his heart and soul in whatever he does. He ensures that his clients are happy with the final outcome of the photo shoots. He has ideas and tips to help clients stand out uniquely in this saturated market.

When Melt is behind the lens, he shoots with design in his mind, rather than it being an afterthought. His sense of colours and creative ideas set out the perfect tone for your visual story.


Experience as a photographer & filmmaker

Published on Vogue and international publications, I take pride in providing bespoke services that are tailored for my clients’ needs. My passion for Photography and Filmmaking, makes me put my heart and soul in whatever project I do. Being creative, professional and presentable with an advertising, design and social media management background, helped me land many jobs while meeting clients’ expectations and deadlines.

I’m very specialized in concept, product, F&B, high fashion, family, portraits and real estate photography and filmmaking.

How did you get started with photography?

It all started when I was in high school. We had something called the Art Club. It was a place students meet up at during lunch break to explore their creativity while being tutored to do almost anything artistic and creative. The only issue at the time was that non of the artistic/creative things were captured in photos for memories. I went to the tutor and asked if I can take photos to document all the work we are doing. He was thrilled, encouraged me and said the school will pay to develop the film. At that time, we were using 35mm films. That’s where my Photography journey begun.

When I started university in 1998, I majored in Visual Arts and took elective classes in photography such as photography 101, dark room techniques, etc.. We started with the most basic element of photography, understanding light. In our class, we were taking photos using a pinhole camera that we made from chocolate powder cans.

While I was studying, I worked on few freelance jobs as a 2nd Asst. Director, then promoted as an Asst. Director and shot few documentaries for the Government of Dubai and a movie featuring some well-known Arabic Khaleeji actors shooting on Betacam. I then finished uni and got into Marketing & Advertising. Never crossed my mind that after over 20 years, I would start my own photography and filmmaking business, in another country, to pick up from where I stopped. Apparently my passion for this amazing and creative industry is still growing. Looking forward to see where it takes me.

What do you love about your job?

There are no limits to creativity with photography & filmmaking. What’s amazing about them is meeting new faces and interacting with people, exploring different subjects and objects, going through challenges that entice you even more to manage them and achieve the goal of showcasing things in their best possible beauty. To me personally, the mix of lighting, angles and subject/object connection with the camera and photographer is a big key point.

How did you make your work more special?

In high fashion and portraits for example, my ability to direct utilizing my skills to extract people’s potential at a photo shoot is one of my unique selling points. Connecting with subjects and making them feel calm and good at a photo shoot is very essential and goes a long way.

Another example, in real estate photography, it happens often where a property isn’t ready for photo shoot. Although it’s the tenant/agent’s task to make sure a property is ready for photoshoot, I often move few things around and style things where required to make the best out of any situation and deliver the best photos to help clients with their marketing.

Tell us fun facts about yourself.

I’m an experienced professional DJ, Creative Designer and Social Media Specialist. I’m very social, charismatic and an inspiring leader and team player. I love music, cooking and outings with friends.

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