Film & Video

Concept to final product: Elevate your brand with our expert Dubai Filming Services. Showcase business, products, or personal brand with professionalism. Don’t pay more than you need to! Choose from our below options which film or video package suits you best. All our content is delivered on time and on budget.


Film & Video Services:
  • TV Commercial
  • Promotional
  • Corporate
  • Event
  • Fashion
  • Music


Production & Post-production Services:

Lighting, external audio, drone/aerial footage, time lapse, gimbal (for steady footage), editing, colour correction, text overlay, animated titles and animated callout markers.


Pre-production Services:

Concept development, script writing, location scouting, filming permissions, casting, budgeting, logistics, gear hire, wardrobe and catering.


The cost of a video varies depending on complexity, length, effects and production type. Below is an outline of standard rates.

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Samples of our work

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